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Dior Homme Parfum 1ml – 5ml samples available.

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Decanted genuine Dior Homme Parfum.

Decanted by independent decanter, Fragrance Fractions, exclusively from the genuine product. Fragrance Fractions is in no way affiliated with, endorsed by or working in partnership with Dior.

Please read the information below before purchasing.

Your Dior Homme Parfum sample will be supplied in a clear plastic or glass spray bottle with simple custom labeling, as shown in the image gallery. Scroll or swipe to view. Products are NOT supplied in the bottle shown in the main image; this is for illustration only. We display no trademarks or logos anywhere on the items or packaging. 1ml samples ship in 2ml non-reactive plastic atomizers. 2ml samples ship in 3ml non-reactive plastic atomizers. 5ml samples ship in 5ml glass atomizer bottles. For further details see our About Us page.


Dior Homme Parfum is the quintessence of Dior Homme. This scent reveals an unusual concentration for a smooth and intense leather fragrance. An intensely floral vintage nectar with woody aromas that keep it from falling into caricature. Its sophisticated animality develops differently on each person’s skin to reveal unique facets, like a distinctly recognisable olfactory signature. The nobility of its ingredients is expressed differently on each person’s skin.

An iris with a passionate trail in the noblest concentration. An intensely floral nectar with woody aromas that keep it from falling into a caricature. A distinguished signature with an immediate carnal attraction.

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1ml Sample // 2 – 3 wearings, 2ml Sample // 5 – 6 wearings, 5ml Travel Size // 2 weeks of wearing